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All of our wide-ranging activities can be boiled down to this:



Whether it is through the production of our own records or those of other artists we collaborate with, we strive for excellence and good taste regardless of genre. Collective Acoustics specializes in the recording, producing, engineering, and mixing of original songs for artists/labels as well as custom scoring cues and soundtrack compositions for filmmakers and TV producers.
We aim for Audiophile quality on every recording we make, recording real instruments played by real people with vintage and custom-built microphones, preamps, compressors and EQs. An organic sound and feel is what you’ll get from a Collective Acoustics production: energy, freshness and sounds of modern music with the warmth, vibe, clarity, and musicianship of classic records of the past.


In addition to performing and touring with original material in both acoustic and electric formats, Collective Acoustics backs up a wide variety of artists ranging from country and folk artists, to International pop and world music groups, to rock acts, hip hop MCs, jazz instrumentalists and singers.
Have an important showcase or tour coming up?  We are a group of seasoned professionals that have performed together in a variety of different formats for years.  When backing up singers and instrumentalists, our goal is to make you sound better. On stage, we focus on the songs, not our egos. We provide the solid support and accompaniment needed to make the featured artist feel secure and confident in all aspects of his/her performance. We’re here to have a great show.


In addition to collaborating with other musicians, Collective Acoustics is currently working with creative types across a broad range of artistic mediums.  From filmmakers to dancers to video game creators and visual artists, we are always interested in creating new, exciting works that challenge us as artists and musicians, as well as provide audiences with new, memorable and unique experiences.  Crossing boundaries and getting folks out of their comfort zones have made for some truly exceptional and eye-opening experiences.
As session musicians, we take a similar approach to that of our own production work.  We find out what the producer/artist is looking for, spend time getting the engineering and sound just right, record with an ear towards warmth and nuance, and always play for the song.  Our goal is to provide complete takes with top quality artistic integrity instead of the chopped, pasted and digitally perfect (i.e. soulless) tracks that are so common in today’s music.
Our remixes are more “re-interpretations” of individual songs for artists/labels. Above all, we strive for excellence and good taste regardless of genre. We aim to create new incarnations of songs that stem from the original, but expand on their genre and musical arrangement. Collective Acoustic mixes typically feature an organic blend of acoustic drums and percussion, analog synthesizers, an assortment of organs and pianos, and acoustic and electric guitars and basses, while maintaining original vocal and melodic hooks.

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